FM Invest

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Who we are?

These two companies FM INVEST 2 & FM INVEST have as their principal activities in France and abroad the acquisition, subscription, holding, management, disposal of interests in any companies or legal entities created or created in France or abroad, the wealth management consulting and the financial engineering

Discover some of the companies in which we have invested and that we advise

We invest, advise and support you at every stage of your project.

What we Do

Investments & holdings

We invest in startups and innovative companies to support their ideas and bring them to the attention of the general public. Investing means supporting projects, helping to bring them to light and enabling the teams to make them a reality.

advice & fundraising support

We support the teams of young companies in their fundraising strategy. From the business plan to the roadshow, we are here at each step of this key step in the development of their project. As a consultant or operationally, we put our knowledge and experience at your disposal.

strategic & financial analyses

As the keystone of any strategic decision, we bring our financial and business expertise to support management teams in their global strategy, financial analysis and management decisions.

operational support

Because no strategy can be applied without operational support, we offer you a custom-made strategy that will allow you to be assisted at each stage of the processes put in place. A role that will bring you support and time saving for a quick and efficient application of your strategy.